• Image of The Headshot Session (All-Inclusive) $150.00-$200.00

Modern or traditional headshots are the new handshake. In our social-media-savvy world, people of all professions have an opportunity to tell their customers a lot about themselves, their business and their brand with a great headshot. Professional headshots don’t just have to be you in a suit against a white or black background anymore either. Sure, there are many professions (real-estate agents, for example) where traditional headshots are still what is required. But for many others, say a small business or shop owner, a modern approach to headshots packs a lot more information into your image. Regardless of the style of headshots you need, we can help you put your best face forward and make a great impression. Oh and I promise it won’t be painful for those who “hate” having your picture taken. We actually have fun and laugh a lot.

The All-Inclusive Headshot Session is a 45-minute session and includes a viewing gallery of 5 to 7 images. You then choose 2 High Resolution Digital Negatives from your gallery to be delivered via digital download.

Contact Diane directly for available dates.